The purpose of this blog is to spur a discussion about and hopefully a revolution in our current approach to medical care and research. Through my wife, who practices natural medicine, my eyes were opened to a whole world of treatment options that we in western medicine never discuss or use. Through time it became clear to me that these treatment options were much more effective than I was led to believe during my medical training. Also, I had been taught many times that there was no evidence for any of these natural remedies. However, I soon found out this statement is extremely misleading. It would lead one to believe natural remedies have been studied and shown not to be effective. To the contrary, many of these natural remedies have been studied and in the small studies that were done did show a benefit but unfortunately due to lack of funding were unable to meet statistical significance. And despite the early promising results no further studies are ever done. I found this trend over and over as I looked at studies and finally it all became clear to me.

No, there is NOT a large conspiracy to suppress these studies and the natural remedies they support. It is a system that is set up with totally misguided incentives. Vitamins and herbal remedies never have large expensive studies done because you cannot patent them in the end and hence there is no profit incentive to do the study. It is more profitable to slightly change an existing drug and re-patent it even though that adds nothing in benefit to the health of patients as a whole.

More over, this system of misguided profit incentives supports finding treatments, not cures. If one were to cure a disease with a single dose of a medicine there would be little or no profit. The incentives support finding treatments that have to be taken for the rest of your life, preferably every day.

This system is completely broken and is working in the best interest of profit to the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry and not to patients. And even if a hospital or pharmaceutical company tried to change and work towards curing disease with cheap vitamins or herbal supplements they would soon go out of business or the leadership would be removed by the shareholders and be replaced by a more profit driven leadership or company. And through this ongoing form of natural selection where profitability determines fitness for survival you are left with our current system.

I will try to illustrate this with the many remedies and possible disease links I have found in my research in hopes of spreading awareness and possibly even reach some of my colleagues in positions of power at the major university centers that may be able to move this research forward.

Lastly, I want to push for areas of research that I feel need to be picked up by the NIH and federally supported research dollars. We are heading toward a complete healthcare system melt down due to rampant overspending with little results. If vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and other natural remedies were researched and used to their full potential the savings to Medicaid and Medicare would be astronomical.

We all need to rise up, doctor and patient together, and demand a healthcare system where our health and well-being is the primary concern and not profit. Where cheaper and less toxic remedies are tried first and where cures are supported over treatments.


3 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Your post (and website) is music to the weary ears. Am now following you – am a comp medicine practitioner and also teacher of practitioners so its great to find a well explained site which is so informative about various aspects of healthcare. I completely concur with your final paragraph. We all (well, most of us!) just want to be more whole and well. But the route to this is NOT through the narrow, dollar rich corridors of Big Pharma alone. Agree re the paradigms of research (not that Big Pharma adheres to them either!)

    • Thank you. As you may have read my wife also does complimentary/alternative medicine. You all are the true primary care/preventative medicine physicians. I can’t say that anything being done in the clinics and hospitals of allopathic/western medicine physicians can be called anything close to preventative. I know how hard it is for you all, but keep up the good fight. It may take the popping of the healthcare bubble but eventually they will come around. They have to.

      • I’m not in any way anti ‘orthodox’ medicine, and here in the UK still think that a national health service (whatever its severe shortcomings) is crucial. It’s just that sadly good old fashioned doctoring seems to be going the way of not so good old fashioned capitalistic profit based thinking. I have a dark vision of accountants driving everything. Funnily enough, a major role I think comp practitioners have is to try and ascertain whether the story a client tells stands, or whether the story indicates something else is going on (i.e. red flags) and the client should be encouraged to see their GP. I do think of myself as complementary, rather than alternative. If the client/patient’s needs are really what is being served there ought to be far more same side thinking from us all. However, politics and powerful lobbying groups are in their. On a hobby horse now I’m afraid – more and more I trust what is small and local and you and me; less and less when large vested interests start running the show and ‘us’ rather than you, and you, and you are those vested interests – eg ‘the shareholders’

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