Vitamins – From A to K

Much of what I talk about in this blog is studying cheap and safe medications such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs to treat disease in addition to or in place of costly and sometimes toxic pharmaceutical drugs. I realized a good endeavour for my readers and myself would be to go through the vitamins one at a time, presenting their symptoms of deficiency and overdose and research so far done and what research should be done rather than single topics as I have been doing. Bear with me as this new approach will take lots of time and research but I think we all may benefit. Vitamin A coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Vitamins – From A to K

  1. What a brilliant idea – I shall particularly be interested in the research material. I compiled some years ago a list of deificiency sysmptoms and various lifestyle and other factors which were linked to specidic deficientcies or need for greater intake eg medications, smoking, certain groups such as those with diabetes, but the research i shall await very eagerly!

    • I will do my best to include all the research but after completing the first one on Vitamin A I am finding it difficult. I have ammended it to list a few of the most interesting studies at the bottom. These will end up being more general reviews rather than indepth looks at the research like I had been doing. But I have already found that it will likely generate many more specific topics to be explored later. HIV and VItamin A is definately one.

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