Vitamin A for Dementia

English: Histopathogic image of senile plaques...

Histopathogic image of senile plaques in a patient with Alzheimer

A relatively new study lays bare the absolute absurdity of the current medical system. A chemotherapy drug called bexarotene which was usually used to treat cutaneous T cell lymphoma was found in rats to cause amazing gains in mental function of rats with dementia type brain changes. The findings were reported in one the most prestigious  science journals Science in 2012. Bexarotene works by acting on Vitamin A receptors (specifically retinoid X receptors). Do you know what else acts on vitamin A receptors? VITAMIN A!

And sure enough if you look back at the medical research studies on Vitamin A and dementia have shown beneficial effects including slowing or stopping dementia and even helping resolve the characteristic plaques seen in the brain. These studies have been predominantly done by Dr. Ono at the University of Kanazawa in Japan and they go back as far as 2004.

That is NINE years ago this link was already known. And has any randomized trial of Alzheimer’s patients been tried treating them with Vitamin A vs placebo? Of course not. But this is the second chemotherapy drug to be tried. So instead of using Vitamin A that costs 10 dollars a month to activate the vitamin A receptor we are going to use a chemotherapy drug that costs 1300 dollars a month.

It is not known if vitamin A would have this same effect as bexarotene, but it stands to reason that if a drug that activates vitamin A receptors has this effect, then vitamin A may as well. And some preliminary studies have fortunately been done and indeed show that it may very well be the case that vitamin A does help treat dementia. Its been nine years since those studies were done. Can we please stop looking at toxic chemotherapy drugs and instead look at vitamin A itself? Not to mention looking into the possibility of antiviral drugs.


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