Vitamin C and Cancer

106. colon cancer chemotherapy

One of the best examples of a natural remedy not being fully explored that I know of is intravenous vitamin C and cancer. As far back as 1976 Dr. Linus Pauling did a study with 100 terminal cancer patients and gave them IV vitamin C and compared them to 1000 controls who received usual chemotherapy treatment. The Vitamin C group lived on average 4 times longer. There were some questioning as to randomization of the patient’s and how advanced each patient was.

A follow-up study done at the Mayo clinic that was randomized and controlled showed no benefit to vitamin C therapy and that pretty much killed interest in vitamin C for cancer for the coming decades. However, there was one glaring problem with the study. The patients only received ORAL vitamin C. None of them got intravenous vitamin C.

This makes the Mayo Clinic study useless. We have since learned that Vitamin C although normally thought of as an antioxidant can act as a pro-oxidant at very high doses, doses that can only be achieved through IV administration. And it is believed that this pro-oxidant effect at high IV doses is what can cause cancer cell death while the normal antioxidant properties of your body allow normal cells to have little or no damage.

Dr. Riordan pioneered much of the research into IV vitamin C and through his clinic treated many patients and has had multiple well documented case reports of cancer response to IV Vitamin C alone. He also showed that extremely high doses of IV vitamin C (many of which he even tested on himself) are well tolerated and have little or no side effects. In fact a toxic dose of vitamin C has yet to be found.

Despite pharmacological reasons why intravenous Vitamin C would work to kill cancer cells, case reports and studies showing it to be effective, and its complete lack of toxicity large-scale medical research still has not been done.

Currently there are about five studies actively enrolling patients to evaluate the effect of IV vitamin C on cancer. But this has been done in the past only to have studies that used already known to be ineffective doses of Vitamin C or failing to enroll enough patients. It has been almost 40 years since this therapy suggested and given its promise, very low-cost, and lack of toxicity it is time we stand up and demand that a proper study be done so we can either start using this therapy or learn from its failure and move on.


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